Yoo In Na was filming for ‘We Got Married’ before the strike, current status ‘pending’

In a further twist to the Yoo In Na – Ji Hyun Woo love saga, it has recently been revealed that Yoo In Na had been filming as part of a new couple for the MBC variety program, ‘We Got Married‘.

The filming had started before the MBC crew declared its strike in January. The compiled footage had been unaired due to the program’s participation in the labor union. The actress, along with her partner, would have been the replacement for the Park So Hyun – Kim Won Joon couple.

Although ‘We Got Married’ eventually made the decision to resume regular broadcasts, the shocking love confession by fellow ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man‘ actor Ji Hyun Woo has thrown the entire plan into turmoil, an MBC insider revealed.

“The situation is neither here nor there,” he confessed. “The expectations were large considering the amount of time we’ve waited, but we don’t know how to solve this problem.”

“Yoo In Na’s agency has said they will not be commenting on the matter, so we will need to wait and see some more,” he said.

It looks like Ji Hyun Woo’s confession has had some major ripple effects, especially with the showexpected to resume broadcasting soon.  Would it have been better for him to confess privately?


Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/06/yoo-in-na-was-filming-for-we-got-married-before-the-strike-current-status-pending


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