After School releases first photo teaser for comeback!

It’s what fans have been waiting for: After School has just released the first image teaser for their now official comeback!

The photo above was released on the official Pledis Entertainment homepage, featuring the eight members in short black fringe outfits and matching heels. Glamorous and leggy, the ladies are looking hotter than ever for their return.

Following some recent member change-ups, this marks the public’s first look at the group without Kahi, who will debut as a solo artist and graduated After School member in September, and the latest member and newest maknaeGaeun.



Yoo In Na was filming for ‘We Got Married’ before the strike, current status ‘pending’

In a further twist to the Yoo In Na – Ji Hyun Woo love saga, it has recently been revealed that Yoo In Na had been filming as part of a new couple for the MBC variety program, ‘We Got Married‘.

The filming had started before the MBC crew declared its strike in January. The compiled footage had been unaired due to the program’s participation in the labor union. The actress, along with her partner, would have been the replacement for the Park So Hyun – Kim Won Joon couple.

Although ‘We Got Married’ eventually made the decision to resume regular broadcasts, the shocking love confession by fellow ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man‘ actor Ji Hyun Woo has thrown the entire plan into turmoil, an MBC insider revealed.

“The situation is neither here nor there,” he confessed. “The expectations were large considering the amount of time we’ve waited, but we don’t know how to solve this problem.”

“Yoo In Na’s agency has said they will not be commenting on the matter, so we will need to wait and see some more,” he said.

It looks like Ji Hyun Woo’s confession has had some major ripple effects, especially with the showexpected to resume broadcasting soon.  Would it have been better for him to confess privately?



Eye Candy: Swim Trunk Hunks

Following last week’s ‘The 91 Line‘ edition, courtesy of allkpop‘s staff, our ‘Eye Candy‘ series continues with K-pop’s steamiest “Swim Trunk Hunks”!

As you scroll down, your temperature may rise as these hunks literally heat up your screens with their hotness.  It was a hard expedition trying to dig up these pictures, but as they say, hard work can lead to simply delightful outcomes. The chiseled and glistening abs are all here for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you are ready to be inundated with the steamiest hunks in the entertainment industry!



This feature may cause serious symptoms of drooling and nosebleeds, so proceed with caution!


(Not in any particular order)

2PM‘s Nichkhun

Caribbean 2PM Boys (NichkhunTaecyeonChansung)

2AM’Jo Kwon

TVXQ‘s Changmin


MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon (He placed #1 in a ‘Most anticipated to see in a swimsuit’ poll!)

Jung Il Woo

YG Family: G-DragonTaeyang, and Se7en

Super Junior‘s Siwon


Wonder Girls’ Yubin impresses viewers with her abs

Wonder Girls‘ Yubin is receiving attention for her ’11 abs’.

Yubin revealed her ’11 abs’ for the group’s comeback stage for the “The DJ is Mine” and “Like This“on the June 9th’s broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘.

The Wonder Girls members performed in chic black outfits. Yubin especially stood out for her tan and toned body as well as her ’11 abs’.  11 abs are so named when a person’s ab muscles are defined such that they look like the number eleven.

The netizens commented, “Yubin’s abs, Yubin has a really nice body“, “Yubin’s abs, this Wonder Girls’ album is daebak“, and “Yubin’s abs, sexy Yubin.

In case you missed the performance, check it out below:


Wonder Girls release behind-the-scenes film for “Like This”

While in the midst of making the ‘crab leg dance’ another dance syndrome with their “Like This” comeback, the Wonder Girls have returned with a new making-of film for their music video!

The reel shows snippets of the ladies glamming it up in the middle of a shopping center with dancers and crew. Proving that they’re the national girl group, the girls are seen approaching and dancing with fans of the older generations as well as teens and children, showing that they’re truly loved by people of all age groups.

Check out the dance party below!


Ha Ji Won’s New Nickname Is “Flower of Reunification”

Ha Ji Won’s New Nickname Is “Flower of Reunification”

I remember having this discussion with a friend before, it seems that Ha Ji Won is in the middle of any kind of TV show or film that has a theme of North-South Korean reunification. It looks like she now has a nickname that goes with this as well.

Ha Ji Won appeared on the YTN’s “News and Issue – Issue and People.” There she talked about her feelings for “The King 2hearts” that ended its broadcast on May 24. Ha Ji Won stated, “I feel a lot of sadness because I spent 3 months with the actors/actresses and staff. I feel like those 3 months were very short.”

She talked about the reason why she chose the drama “The King 2hearts.” “Before the drama, I had finished filming with ‘Korea’ and after that I felt something deep in my heart. I think that is the reason why I chose to appear in ‘The King 2hearts.’”

She continued, “I did not choose the drama because I was thinking about reunification between North and South Korea. I didn’t do that on purpose but people gave me the nickname ‘Flower of Reunification.’ Because I kept going back and forth between the North and South (In terms of acting?), I felt a lot of things I had not felt before.



Suzy’s “Big” Co-Star Shin Won Ho Resembles Song Joong Ki!

Suzy’s “Big” Co-Star Shin Won Ho Resembles Song Joong Ki!

Rookie actor Shin Won Ho is attracting attention for his resemblance to Song Joong Ki. Cast in upcoming drama “Big,” alongside Lee Min JungGong Yoo, and Bae Suzy (miss A), Shin Won Ho’s latest photos from the set have drawn netizens’ interest. With his porcelain skin and baby face, netizens have nicknamed him the “three-second Song Joong Ki.”

Netizens commented, “He looks cute and fresh,” “He reminds me of Song Joong Ki,” “Can’t wait to see what he has to offer,” “He’s the guy from ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store!’ He’s so cute!” and more.

In “Big,” he plays high school delinquent Kang Kyung Joon, who switches bodies with a 30-year-old doctor/the heroine’s fiancé Seo Yoon Jae (Gong Yoo). “Big” will replace “Love Rain,” starring Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, on KBS on June 4 at 9:55PM KST.

In related news, Shin Won Ho is also part soon-to-debut band CROSS GENE, a project group between Japan and Korea.



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