Wonder Girls’ Yubin impresses viewers with her abs

Wonder Girls‘ Yubin is receiving attention for her ’11 abs’.

Yubin revealed her ’11 abs’ for the group’s comeback stage for the “The DJ is Mine” and “Like This“on the June 9th’s broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘.

The Wonder Girls members performed in chic black outfits. Yubin especially stood out for her tan and toned body as well as her ’11 abs’.  11 abs are so named when a person’s ab muscles are defined such that they look like the number eleven.

The netizens commented, “Yubin’s abs, Yubin has a really nice body“, “Yubin’s abs, this Wonder Girls’ album is daebak“, and “Yubin’s abs, sexy Yubin.

In case you missed the performance, check it out below:

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/2012/06/wonder-girls-yubin-impresses-viewers-with-her-abs


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