Jo Kwon wins most filial idol

Jo Kwon of 2AM has been selected by netizens as the most filial idol.

Online music site Yes24 held a poll from May 14th to the 21st asking netizens which idol appeared to be the most filial. Jo Kwon came out on top with 38% (395) of the votes. Following behind Jo Kwon wasIU with 24% (246) of the votes, while Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun came in third place with 21% (220) of the votes. Fourth place went to miss A‘s Suzy who received 13% (135) of total votes.

Jo Kwon is known to have had a tough childhood as his family struggled financially when he was a JYPtrainee. He promised his parents that he would buy them a house when he became successful, and drew interest after following through with his promise.

Netizens responded to the poll saying, “As expected, Jo Kwon 1st,” “Jo Kwon first. Must be a reliable son,” “He even beat IU,” and “Filial idol Jo Kwon is a cool idol with a kind heart.”



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