Dal Shabet’s Viki to Leave Group to Promote Solo

Viki, leader of the six member girl group Dal Shabet, will be leaving the group to pursue her solo career.

A rep from Dal Shabet’s agency Happy Face Entertainment revealed on May 24, “Leader Viki, who started promoting as Dal Shabet since January 4, 2011, will be leaving the group to pursue her solo career. Viki will be resting for a short while, and then will go into preparations for her solo album.”

The rep added, “Viki had solo activities in mind ever since she debuted with Dal Shabet. Viki and her agency have been talking this over for a long time, and we came to this decision before the release of Dal Shabet’s new album to help her, before it’s too late, to take on her new dream and fulfill it.”

“Viki will be wrapping up her promotions as a member of Dal Shabet with the performance at the Yeosu Expo on May 27. Dal Shabet will recruit a new member to replace Viki and will continue on with six members for its first studio album to be released on June 7,” the rep said.

Viki promptly left a handwritten letter on her official fancafe regarding her departure on the morning of May 24. ‘I’ll come back soon, so please look forward to Viki’s solo activities,’ she said. ‘My pretty Shabet girls will be coming back. I hope you show them even more support.’

Dal Shabet debuted with Supa Dupa Diva last year and continued to promote actively with Pink RocketBling Bling and Hit U, releasing four mini albums in total. The group won the Rookie Award at the 26th Golden Disk Awards and the Best Idol Music Award at the 19th Korean Culture & Entertainment Award, and was chosen as the Best Girl Rookie Singer of 2011 according to Korea Gallup.

Dal Shabet will be leaving for Malaysia on May 25 in order to attend the 2012 Creative Youth Carnival in Malaysia to be held on May 26.

Source: http://global.mnet.com/news/newsdetail.m?searchNewsVO.news_id=201205241031_7105&nowPage=1


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