Actress Ha Ji …

Actress Ha Ji Won and miss A‘s Suzy were recently spotted wearing the same dress!

Ha Ji Won recently attended the movie premier of ‘Korea‘, which was held in Chiba, Japan. The actress, who has been receiving love and support through the movie ‘Korea’, stepped into the premier in a black off-the-shoulder dress, revealing her sexy and healthy body. In order to supplement her gorgeous dress, Ha Ji Won also wore a necklace that added a sense of elegance.

miss A’s Suzy wore the same dress on SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘! Unlike Ha Ji Won, Suzy gave a more innocent, cute, and feminine look to the outfit. She wore a pink colored necklace to add a sense of loveliness to the overall look.

After finding out that these two stars wore the same dress, netizens commented, “I can’t choose between the two…“, “Suzy’s flowery smile is the best!“, and “Suzy gives the young innocent girl look, while Ha Ji Won gives the sexy woman look.

Which girl do you think pulled off the dress better? Let us know in the comments section below!



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