Tablo withdraws lawsuits against two of the members of Tajinyo

Tablo revealed that he will be withdrawing his lawsuit against two of the members from Tajinyo (We Demand the Truth from Tablo).

On May 18th, the 6th trial on the lawsuit for defamation of character against the eleven members of Tajinyo took place at the Seoul Central District Court.

This day, Tablo revealed that he would be withdrawing his lawsuits against two out of the eleven members as their outcries were relatively weak compared to the others, and that their attacks were not at his family.

The prosecutor further explained the reason Tablo dropped the charges saying, “What the plaintiff wants is not punishment, but a declaration of the truth from the court which has the public’s confidence.”

As for the remaining nine, the prosecutor stated that the original lawsuit against them will be modified by the addition of contempt charges on the existing lawsuit.

Netizens were moved by Tablo’s fair actions and commented saying, “He really has a warm heart“, “This is why is like Tablo“, and “If it was me I would have just continued to charge all of them.

Source & Image: Xports News via Nate


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