Sarah Geronimo, K-pop groups on 25 sexiest int’l singers list

Manila, Philippines – KOREAN pop groups 2NE1 and Girls Generation, as well as Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo made it to the “25 Sexiest International Singers You’ve Never Heard Of” list by US-based music and trend site

“These days, American radio is saturated with Carly RaeJepsen, Rihanna and other female superstars who are probably under the age of 25. Not that we’re complaining, but once you find yourself mouthing the lyrics to `Call Me Maybe,’ you know you need to start listening to something else,“ according to Complex’s introduction to the list.

The list is topped by Nicole Roberts of England, followed by Natalia Kills of England, Gabriella Cilmi of Australia, Pixie Lott of England, Yuna of Malaysia, Medina of Denmark, Haifa Wehbe of Lebanon, Mala Rodriguez of Spain, Kreesha Turner of Canada, and Sophie EllisBextor of England.

2NE1 and Geronimo share the same spot at No. 11. Girls Generation is at No. 21.

Geronimo, the only Filipino singer on the list, is described as the Philippines’ Britney Spears. said, “To say Sarah Geronimo is a superstar would be an understatement. After being discovered on the singing competition, `A Star for a Night,’ at 14-years-old, she released eight best-selling albums, with one on the way. Additionally, Geronimo, now 23, not only draws a sold-out crowd to almost all of her concerts, four of her concert DVDs have even gone platinum. It’s safe to say she’s the Filipina Britney Spears (pre-rehab).“

International singers who made it to the 11-25 rankings are: 2NE1, Geronimo, Nyusha of Russia, Oh Land of Denmark, Lena of Germany, Russian Red of Spain, Emma Marrone of Italy, Javiera Mena of Chile, Veronica Maggio of Sweden, Ewa Farna of Czech Republic, Girls Generation, Denyque of Jamaica, Ana Tijoux of Chile, Brooke Fraser of New Zealand, and Eva Weel Skram of Norway. (Bulletin Entertainment Online)



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