Flawless oppa’s and unnie of DSIGN Music release info on future Kpop collabs

Norwegian songwriting and prodution team DSIGN Music (their work includes SNSD’s Genie, TVXQ’s I Think You Know and BoA’s Hurricane Venus among others) updated their official website on November 3th, and revealed that Kpop group Chocolate and singer ICONIQ (Ayumi Lee) will release songs they produced in the future:

An interview with 2 members of DSIGN Music was released on a Norwegian website on the same day, and it included some information on future works from the team. The article suggests that Chocolat will release a song in early 2012 titled I Like That, and another one in the middle of that year (possibly called ? (questionmark))

SHINee is also included on the list of future works, with a song called Super Hero (no information available on the record label and country), slated for a 2012 release.

Screencap 1 + information:
Dsign Music official website

Screencap 2 + information:
translation: ForeverShiningShinee@Tumblr (who’s source is SHINee’s DC gallery user Knotperry)



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