Korean-Chinese-Japanese Collab Drama “Stranger 6” to Begin Airing in Korea on May 30

Korean-Chinese-Japanese collaborative drama “Stranger 6” is coming to Channel A on May 30. CEO Oh Min Ho of  Stage Factory, the production company behind the series, stated, “‘Stranger 6’ have been garnering much attention from drama fans domestically and internationally since last year. Finally, ‘Stranger 6’ coming to the homes of viewers with movie-like quality, after a long period of hard work of all staffs.” 

“Stranger 6” is of blockbuster spy action genre, portraying lives of special agents in the near future at a secret joint-operation organization “Korea-China-Japan Economic Community” trying to prevent a gigantic earthquake predicted to occur in the next three months and fighting against a mysterious individual who tries to interfere with the operation and assassinate the agents. The drama is produced as a seasonal show and was previously aired on Japan’s Fuji TV and WOWOW TV. 


Oh Ji Ho and Kim Hyo Jin play the roles of Korean National Intelligence agents Park Dae Hyun and Ahn Ji Hyun. Toshiaki Karasawa and Kikawada Masaya are playing the roles and Japanese agents and Bowie Lam and Xuan Liu will appear as Chinese agents. 

Check out the trailer of “Stranger 6” below!


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